FAQ – Bespoke Gifting

What are bespoke gifts?

Bespoke gifts are non-standard products that have some element of customisation to suit the customer’s requirements. This may include –

If your interest is bespoke wedding gifts –

If your interest is bespoke business gifts –

Why would i consider bespoke gifts?

Bespoke gifts are inevitably personal, meaning that the recipient looks at them favorably.

But there are some traps for businesses that are looking at gifting.

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How do i order bespoke gifts?

The process starts will a discussion of your requirements and the outcomes you are seeking to achieve.

There is no cost for this consultation.

We can be contacted by any of the methods outlined here. We would then provide a quote for you to accept. This may be formal if requested.

Is a deposit required?

In order to progress to production bespoke orders require payment of a 50% security deposit.