What are bespoke gifts?

custom chocolate gift

Bespoke chocolate gifts are custom made to satisfy unique customer requirements.

The following elements can be customised –

– Flavourings or colours
– Form (eg moulded or sculptured chocolates)
– Packaging (eg embossed logo, sculptured boxes)

Well that doesn’t leave much I know and thats what “bespoke” is all about!

The variations might be endless and the challenges dauting, but the possibilities are just fabulous and fun.

Why would I consider bespoke gifts?

12 piece chocolate box

When you want your gift to really make an impression, bespoke chocolate gifts may be the way to go!

They can be styled to reflect the branding and colours of your business.

Either way, fine chocolates presented with a personality will make a make a lasting impression.

How do I order bespoke gifts?

Impress with Bespoke Gifts 1

Firstly contact us by any of the methods outlined here.

The process starts with a discussion of your requirements and the outcomes you are seeking to achieve.

Depending on the complexity we may need to do some work to explore the possibilities and practicalities of the project.

Once we understand your requirements, we can propose a gifting solution for you and submit a quote for you to accept.

We like to keep you informed with images and discussions as the project proceeds to delivery. Our clients love the engagement and happily provide favourable testimonials which you can read here.

Is a deposit required?

Impress with Bespoke Gifts 2

In order to progress to production bespoke orders, a downpayment will be required.

We will let you know the details in our quote.

Can you do bespoke chocolate gifts for my business?

chocolate sculpture

Yes, if your interest is bespoke business gifts –

– Check out our image gallery for business gift ideas
– Get more information on business gifts here

Can you do bespoke favours for my wedding?

wedding favours sampler pack

Yes, if your interest is bespoke wedding favours –

– Check out our image gallery for wedding gift ideas (including wedding favours)
– Get more information on bespoke wedding gifts here

Is there a minimum quantity?

Impress with Bespoke Gifts 3

Well that depends….

If you a looking for a Michelangelo “David” and the budget to suit, we would look in to it. Most people don’t go there unless the ocassion demands it.

Mostly however, you would have a reasonable quantity over which to amortise the development cost and customisations.

What is ‘reasonable’ varies widely so we’ll be upfront and say that “if the occasion demands it, go for it”. But you can judge the value when we have discussions on your project and provide you with our quote.

The simplest customisation is an embossed box and your can order just one at standard price plus tooling costs.