FAQ - Delivery Easy

Delivery Easy is where we handle the shipping logistics for you.

Delivery is made by us directly to your nominated recipient (or recipients).

If you are in business,  you save money

  • The logistics of parcel management for a large number of parcels is awkward, time consuming and expensive for businesses that would not normally do so.
  • Temperature management for chocolate products is also a consideration and this is a complication with associated cost for most businesses.


The risk of spoilage is minimised

  • There is no double handling, delivery is expedited
  • Product is packaged for shipping, with ice gel and thermal wrapping (according to the seasons)


You get peace of mind

  • Little Cocoa has the systems and experience to deal with the logistics of shipping chocolate products and it makes sense  to trust this aspect of business gifting to Little Cocoa as well.

In summary you can be confident that the experts are dealing with your gifting needs.

In the case of many  recipients, we work from a data set which you curate and provide.  It is important that data is prepared explicitly and accurately in the required format. We can provide a template (eg Excel spreadsheet) for you to work from.

For a few recipients we generally get the required details from you by email.

We then feed your data into our logistics software which validates delivery addresses and  prepares consignment labels.

If there are address errors we may need to clarify the issues with you.

Little Cocoa has freight arrangement that cover all of Australia.

If delivery outside of Australia is required, this can also be arranged.  

You can get an estimate of costs from our standard delivery pricing.

Because shipping costs vary by destination, our pricing for multiple destinations is subject to quote.

Engaging Little Cocoa drop shipping is certainly cost effective.

Please contact Little Cocoa to discuss your requirements and we will respond with a priced proposal. 

Our data  policy is set out in here. We warrant that we do not share your data with third parties except as required in the execution of our services for you. If you ask us to erase the data provided we will willing oblige.

No, we do this for single destination or 1000’s of destinations. This ensures that business gifting can be done in any quantity  – ad-hoc events to seasonal events such as Christmas.

Product is received in prime condition and spoilage is avoided

  • Double handling is avoided by direct shipment to the recipient 
  • Product is temperature managed with ice-packs and thermal wraps
  • Time in transit is minimised


Recipient gets notifications

  • Our tracking system provides the recipient with email delivery notifications. (If the delivery is a surprise we can forward delivery notifications to the sender, but at his risk) 

Any product from Little Cocoa can be drop shipped.

We can provide a summary of the delivery status for the shipments.