FAQ - Embossing

This is artwork that is embossed onto the box and is an excellent method of personalising or branding.

The result is an elegant image, logo or text in any combination. If the foil is metallic, the insignia is very reflective. If the foil is coloured the insignia is more ‘print like’.

Embossing is particularly suited to wedding favours or business gifts.

Embossing - Box of pralines with embossed cover

Artwork is prepared then engraved onto a metal stamp.

Printers foil is fed between the metal stamp and the box and the image is transferred when pressure and heat is applied.

Foils are available in a variety of colours. Stock colours include gold, rose gold, copper, silver, teal and black. Spools of printers foil
Yes, we have stock insignia including
  • Anniversary
  • Congratulations
  • Happy Birthday
  • Thank you
  • Naughty but nice

  .. and the list grows.

Sorry, we can only do a single-colour since our foils are single colour.

Don’t be put off if your artwork is multi-colour or complex as the impression can still be very favourable.

Contact us for a free consult.

Simple is best. However our stamp-making process can achieve excellent, precise results, even with very detailed designs. Please ensure that all lines in your design are no less than 1pt (around 0.4mm thickness) when your design is scaled to the final insignia size.

The ideal file is EPS format or a vector file such as DXF or AI.

If you don’t have a vector file, please provide a high resolution png or jpg/jpeg, we will convert it into a vector image – this is what we’ll use to produce you insignia. We’ll get the best result from a file that’s at least 1000px wide or high, with high contrast images like a logo, text, or icon.

We can produce simple text if that is all you require. No additional charges apply.

If however you require graphical design, then an additional artistic process is required and additional charges will apply.

You should have legal entitlement to use of the artwork. Its your accountability.

Once your order is received, our standard process is to proportionally scale your design to fit the standard stamping stock.

Yes, of course! We’ll email you a proof of your design scaled. Once you approve, we’ll go ahead and produce your stamp. Please keep in mind that the approval cycle adds a delay to production which cannot commence until you have approved the proof.

We do not accept artwork which may be considered offensive e.g. violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images.

The stamps remain the property of Little Cocoa.

If your stamp was purchased on a lifetime plan, it will always be available to you for future use at no additional cost.

If you stamp was purchased on a project plan, it will not be available beyond the immediate use.

No problem, feel free to contact us with any specific questions – we’re happy to provide free consultation.