FAQ - Personalising

Personalising means adding the recipients particulars into the the product. It might simply be the recipients initials or name. There might also be a unique message for the recipient. This makes the product absolutely unique and makes the recipient feel quite special. 

Personalised message printed on parchment
Personalised insert

Successful gifting results when the messaging is about the recipient not about the giver. 

Successful gifting can be a great way to cement existing relationships of forge new ones.

When its done well, business gifting can make a positive and significant impact on the bottom line.

The current personalising options include
  • Card
  • Sticker
  • Insert
Within each of there there are innumerable design options.

Embossing is technique to imprint a box with a tactile, reflective graphic. It requires both design and tooling, so there is an associated cost.

The embossing tool is used many times and it is unlikely that anyone would want to do this for one gift or many times for many unique gifts.

So embossing is better suited to branded gifts or wedding gifts, where the tool is used many times.

Personalising is done by merging data files with our printing systems.  

The messaging is curated by you and approved by you before the printing run.

In general – no. If you want a card for a single recipient, we’ll do that by hand. If there are more than say 10 we will set up a database.  This complexity adds time to production and handling so we charge a recovery cost in our pricing.  

Its a great result for the recipient and has great payback for the giver! 

Some of the acceptable data formats include

  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Word table
  • Database
  • CSV file
What is important is that the data is complete, correctly formatted and structured. We can provide templates for you if required. 

The personalising is mostly text based, so artwork is typically not required.

Nonetheless we need to produce a design for the printing so we will submit this for approval per production.

Yes, of course! We’ll email you a proof. Production won’t start until the proof is approved by you.