What are chocolate pralines?

The word praline traditionally refers to a mixture of caramelised nuts that has been ground to a paste and used in a wide variety of Belgian confections. These days the word praline refers to a thin chocolate shell encassing a variety of soft and textured fillings. This includes the original nut pralines but also caramels and a variety of flavoured ganaches.

What ingredients are used to make pralines?

Our chocolate pralines are made from a variety of fresh and high quality ingredients. First and foremost couverture chocolate, then a filling to suit. This can be either fruit based, caramel or ganache. Most of our chocolates include dairy, sugar and sometimes nuts & alcohols.

What is ganache?

A ganache is an emulsion of chocolate and fresh cream. The chocolate binds and preserves the cream. The type of chocolate and the proportions of the mix determine the character of the end product. So a ganache can be light and smooth to rich and sumptuous.

What are cocoa solids?

Chocolate is made from cacao beans that have been fermented, roasted, husked and then ground into a smooth paste. If that was all you did, you would end up with 100% cacao solids and it would be bitter and unpleasant to most palates.

The broad appeal of chocolate comes from the addition of other products including sugar and milk solids in the case of milk chocolate. These reduce the bitterness and change the character of the chocolate to one that is more familiar. So for example a ‘60% cacao chocolate’ would have 60% of cacao solids and 40% of other ingredients.

The higher the proportion of cacao solids in the chocolate, the closer the product is to its origins and more of its real character is revealed. Next time you sample a dark chocolate, dwell on its flavours, texture and aromas and see what is revealed.

What are chocolate bars?

Our chocolate bars are a fresh product, which are formed with contrasting textural layers that is then enrobed in tempered chocolate. The fillings may include biscuit bases, marshmallow or caramels. The options are endless.

What about food allergies?

We cannot guarantee that our products exclude all traces of nuts (including peanuts and tree nuts), gluten and wheat products, milk and milk products, soy and if you have allergies to any of these we recommend you exercise due caution.

Will my chocolates melt in transport?

We take special precautions to ensure that the chocolate products you have purchased arrive at their destination in peak condition.

When we send by courier, the chocolates are safely secured in a temperature controlled box. This shields against any outside environmental factors that may affect the quality of the product.

Unfortunately it is difficult to practically service remote communities in hotter months, so we will contact you if we have concerns.

We will guarantee that your order is delivered to your door in perfect condition. If something has gone wrong, please contact us immediately so we can rectify the problem.


What is the shelf life of fresh pralines?

Without doubt chocolates are at their best when they are freshly made.

Since we use only fresh ingredients in our recipes, we give a two week shelf life on all our products. Eaten within the shelf life, you get to experience the full flavour, texture and aroma.

Can I store chocolates in a refrigerator?

Ideally, our chocolates are best stored at room temperature around 20ºC. The best place to keep them is in a cool dry spot away from heat, direct light and strong odours. However if it gets too hot, say 30ºC +, then we recommend that you put the box in a plastic container, wrap in clingfilm and then store in the fridge. When it comes to eating them, remove from the fridge and leave to warm to room temperature before unwrapping. This process will avoid any unwanted condensation forming on the top of the chocolates.

Are your chocolates gluten free?

Gluten is a general name for proteins that come principally from wheat and some other cereals. Chocolate is derived from the fruit of the cacao tree and contains no gluten. So chocolates and pralines are gluten free but composite products that use wheat products like a biscuit are not gluten free. Some of Little Cocoa’s chocolate bars are ‘biscuit like’ but in fact use a nut based foundation and are also gluten free. 

Are any of your chocolates vegan?

Many of Little Cocoa’s chocolates use dairy products so are not strictly vegan. The ganache used in pralines are traditionally dairy based.

Panned products like chocolate coated nuts and fruits are dairy free and therefore vegan.  

But stay tuned as we are always developing our recipes and more vegan products will be released in the future.



What is a custom insignia?
A custom insignia is artwork that is applied to the box with foil. The result is an elegant image, logo or text in any combination. If the foil is metallic, the insignia is very reflective. If the foil is coloured the insignia is ‘print like’. The custom insignia is a means of personalising the box.
How is the insignia applied?
Artwork is prepared. The artwork image is engraved onto a metal stamp which is then used to imprint the artwork on the box using foil.
What foils are available?
Foils are available in a variety of colours. Stock colours include gold, rose gold, copper, silver, teal and black.
How should I provide the artwork for my insignia?
The better the quality of your original image, the better the image will be in your finished insignia!

With this in mind, the ideal file is a black and white only (no shades of grey) vector image, such as a DXF, AI or EPS file. If you don’t have a vector file, please provide a high resolution png or jpg/jpeg, we will convert it into a vector image – this is what we’ll use to produce you insignia. We’ll get the best result from a file that’s at least 1000px wide or high, with high contrast images like a logo, text, or icon.

Please note that if you’re providing original vector artwork that contains font-based text, please ensure all fonts are first converted to outlines, to avoid any unexpected font changes when opening your file at our end. To do this in Illustrator, select the text, right-click and select ‘create outlines’.

Do you have stock insignia?
Yes, we have stock insignia including ‘Anniversary’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Happy Birthday’ and the list grows. Sorry but ‘Harry and Megan’ is very specific and not in our stock catalog.
Can a multi-colour design be used to produce an insignia?
No, we can only achieve a single-colour insignia since our foils are single colour. However If you don’t have a black and white only version of your design, please contact us so we can determine if it’s possible to convert your design into usable form. You’ll need to provide an editable file in order for us to be able to adjust the colours, such as DXF, AI or EPS.
How detailed can my insignia design be?
Simple is best. However our stamp-making process can achieve excellent, precise results, even with very detailed designs. Please ensure that all lines in your design are no less than 1pt (around 0.4mm thickness) when your design is scaled to the final insignia size.
Do you size my design?

Once your order is received, our standard process is to proportionally scale your design to fit the standard stamping stock.

Can I see a proof of my stamp design?
Yes, of course! When you place your order, tick the box “Please provide a proof before production”. We’ll email you a proof of your design scaled. Once you approve, we’ll go ahead and produce your stamp. Please keep in mind that the approval cycle adds a delay to production which cannot commence until you have approved the proof.
What kind of design cannot be uploaded?
We do not accept artwork which may be considered offensive e.g. violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images.
Who owns the artwork?
Designs should only be uploaded that you created or control all necessary rights to, and this is your responsibility.
Will you retain my stamps?
The stamps remain the property of Little Cocoa. They will be retained for future use, (but not indefinitely). We will email you to advise you of our intention to dispose of stamps.
What if I don’t have artwork?
We can produce simple text if that is all you require for your insignia. No additional charges apply.

If however you require graphical artwork for your insignia, then an additional artistic process is required and additional charges will apply.

I still have more questions!
No problem, feel free to contact us with any specific questions – we’re happy to advise you prior to placing an order.
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