choosing the right gift for the occasion

3 simple steps to choosing the right gift

Choosing the right gift for an occasion can seem daunting. Here are three simple steps to help you narrow the options for a gift that wil be sure to impress.

We all know that choosing the right gift can be stressful.

Whether that be for a birthday, anniversary or a ‘thank you’, the choices are endless and the where’s-the-best-place-to-start is very real.

Gifting builds new relationships and consolidates existing ones, but choosing the right gift can be offputting and the opportunity overlooked because gift selection was too-hard is wasted unless you can break through the barriers.  

To help you seize the opportunity, we’ve compiled a simple 3 step process to guide you.


choosing the right gift

Step 1 –  Put your detective hat on

Before you find yourself wandering aimlessly down the Google rabbit hole, we need to have some ideas listed before you start. This is where a little pre-planning comes in. 

Have they mentioned things to you recently that might spark a great gift idea? 

I really like that style of bag you’re wearing… I’m so sick of these pens running out all the time…. I could live in these fine food shops…

It’s these indirect statements that offer the best clues into what they would be interested in and what would come as a total surprise when they receive it as a gift. 

Think back to some past meetings and see if any ideas surface. 

Of course, some people are very adept at “dropping” the message and your job is all the easier if you are tuned in to these. So choosing the right gift might be as simple as reflecting on the messages this person has already inadvertenly or otherwise dropped.  



Depending on how well you know this person that you’re seeking a gift for, you should be able to list a few items at minimum that you know they would love 

They’re a big foodie, so any unique and interesting food items you know would be a hit. Or you know they have a keen eye for interior design – so something complimentary to their home would work really well. Or perhaps they really enjoy spending their weekends outdoors – so a gift that reflects their sunny beach lifestyle would suit well. 

So think about this person – their lifestyle, their home, their personality. 

Choosing the right gift might be a complement to the things they already love?

Step 3 – Cross-check against the occasion

You now have a list of things they’re interested in plus a list of things you know they’d love. Now’s the time to cross check those against the occasion. 

Does it marry up? 

Does a Parker pen make a great 10 year anniversary gift? Does a home cleaning in Arizona is right gift? Of course, visit and pick up the right one. Does a ceramic vase with fresh flowers make a great gift for that neighbour that helped you out recently? 

 Is it over the top or underdone? 

A gift of high value might be seen as creating an obligation, whilst a gift of low value might be perceived as underwhelming. Now if you make the gift personal, genuine and heartfelt, the perceived value will be high.

Make sure you are choosing the right gift for the occasion. Does it make sense for the occasion? If it doesn’t, try some of your other ideas listed or think of some surrounding gift ideas that could work too.


choosing the right gift

Bonus Tip

Personalise, personalise, personalise! Is there a way you can incorporate a personalised message, an engraving of their name or something else into this gift? Everyone loves receiving a gift that was made just for them.

If you work through these steps, chances are you’ll discover some fantastic gift ideas to suit this special occasion + some reserve ideas for next time.

Gift suggestions

Some gifts are universal in the way they can be gifted across many occasions. 

At Little Cocoa, we love helping people sweeten their relationships with bespoke, handcrafted chocolate gifts perfect for those foodies and chocolate lovers. Whether a one-off gift for those special occasions, bespoke wedding favours or branded business client gifts, Little Cocoa has a suite of delicious and beautiful products to suit everyone’s tastes. 

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