It’s not surprising that chocolates are one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day.

  1.  They suit most romantic situations – clueing you into an anonymous admirer, confirming a new relationship or celebrating a longer, larger love.
  2.  Gift boxes of chocolate can represent anything from a modest token of affection to a more lavish declaration of love. Size does matter!
  3.  Chocolates suggest intimacy and indulgence but can also be shared with that special someone.
  4.  Chocolate is a go-to gift for women and for men; it’s adored by both the young and young-at-heart.
  5.  By appealing to all the senses – not just taste – chocolate is widely acknowledged as one of the foods of love. Consider the distinctive earthy aroma of fresh chocolate that can tease and tempt. The high gloss on a fine dark chocolate, the snap of a perfectly tempered chocolate shell, its sweetness and soft silkiness all hint at seduction and delicious decadence.

What’s not to love about chocolate?  At Little Cocoa, we even love creating new looks and new flavours for our boxed chocolates. 

Our 2020 Be My Valentine range features fabulous fruit with strong colours and distinctive flavours. 

Check these out!

Chocolate pralines, for those not yet in the know, are fine shells of coloured chocolate encasing soft fillings.

Those fillings this year are a tangy Morello cherry gel in dark chocolate ganache, a raspberry gelee with a smooth white chocolate ganache, and a coconut white chocolate (with a hint of white rum) layered with a blackcurrant ganache.

And with a nod to the classics, our 12-piece box also includes an old favourite – a rich, buttery salted caramel.

The Little Cocoa Be My Valentine range also includes some chocolate-coated delicacies – a medley of cranberries layered with ruby and dark chocolate,  sour cherries coated in dark chocolate and just for fun some ruby chocolate cocoa puffs.

As always, all our chocolates are made with only the highest quality ingredients. They’re handcrafted with love and make a unique, stand-alone gift. We let our chocolates say it all.

However if you want to style them up further, here’s some ideas.

  • Pair chocolates with flowers or a bottle of bubbles. Stay in for a romantic quiet night.
  • Incorporate the chocolates into a picnic basket, finish work early and head to the hills or the beach for some laid-back, quality time together. 
  • Surprise your Valentine with the chocolates AND some Gold Class cinema tickets. Then recline back and let the movies add some magic to your night. 
  • Book a table for two at your favourite restaurant. Enjoy the entrees and mains but skip dessert to do the big reveal on the chocolates instead.
  • Personalise the moment to make it extra special. Order online for his or her name on Little Cocoa’s Be My Valentine label. Handwrite a beautiful message on a gift card. Pour out your feeling in a poem.
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