It’s not surprising that chocolates are one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day.

They suit most romantic situations – casually suggesting an anonymous admirer, confirming a new relationship or celebrating a longer, larger love.

Gift boxes of chocolate can represent a small gesture, a token of affection, or a more lavish declaration of love. They suggest intimacy and indulgence but can also be shared.

By appealing to all the senses, chocolate is widely acknowledged as one of the foods of love.

The distinctive but subtle earthy aroma of fresh chocolate can tease and tempt. The high gloss on a fine dark chocolate, the snap of a perfectly tempered chocolate shell, its sweetness and soft silkiness all hint at seduction and delicious decadence.

What’s not to love about chocolate? It’s a go-to gift for women and for men; it’s adored by both the young and young-at-heart.

At Little Cocoa, we love creating new chocolate gift lines for special occasions.

Our Valentine’s Day gift boxes of hand-crafted chocolate pralines introduce two new fillings to our range – strawberry & lime and cherry & white chocolate. We love them both. They’re a perfect match of fresh fruitiness and rich intensity.

As always, our chocolate pralines are made fresh with only with the highest quality ingredients.

Centuries ago, lovers might have crafted elaborate letters or poems to demonstrate their true feelings for each other on Valentine’s Day. We let our chocolates say it all.

Our message for Valentine’s Day is simple. Little Cocoa – a whole lot of love.

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