Add elegance to weddings, birthdays, special occasions and corporate events or
just reward yourself with exquisite, fresh, personalised, hand-crafted chocolates
from Little Cocoa. Make the memories linger a little longer.

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What’s important to us

Fresh is best

We believe that if you want to fully appreciate good chocolate then it needs to be consumed when it is fresh. That’s why we make our pralines and bars to order and why we take great care in the transport of our products. We aim to ensure you receive our chocolate in premium condition. Of course, at that point, you may not be able to resist.

Hand made for you

Little Cocoa’s chocolate pralines and bars are made mostly by hand. Yes, we might use some specialised kitchen equipment but you can see the craft of our chocolatier in every product. Each piece is individual; no two pieces are the same. Those differences represent the imprint of our chocolate maker and the authenticity of our product.

A reward for success

We keep motivated in life by celebrating our successes. Some of those successes are milestones to be shared like a birthday, graduation or new job.  Sometimes they are deeply personal like a wedding anniversary. If those successes deserve celebration, then they deserve fine chocolate. Enjoy in moderation…a little chocolate.

Remember the day

Weddings bring together families and friends from far and wide. Bombonieres are take-home gifts provided to the wedding guests in appreciation of their attendance. How better to say ‘thank you’ than with a gift of fresh chocolates customised in memory of such a special occasion.


Chocolate is derived from the fruit of the cacao tree which requires a warm tropical climate for optimal growth.  These regions of the world often have developing economies and growers can be small village co-operatives. Ethically sourced cacao is a sustainable activity that helps build communities.

Stand out gifts

Corporate gifts are a means of elevating relationships and profiling your business. A gift of exquisite chocolate pralines, perhaps with customised branding, is Little Cocoa’s bespoke solution to corporate gift giving. For a small cost, it speaks of quality and integrity – the foundations of good business.