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12 chocolate pralines with a silver-grey theme displayed in an open white box embossed in silver foil with a label that says 'Event Marquees'

Corporate gifts make good business sense

December is the peak time for gift giving but it’s not all about family and friends and pretty, wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree at home. Businesses also traditionally harness the end-of-year good feels and approaching holiday season by recognising and rewarding their staff, key customers and preferred suppliers.

 Whether you’re a home-based business, a start-up, small business or a mover and shaker at the big end of town, investing in the people who contribute to your bottom line makes good business sense.

Corporate gifts are an opportunity to say thank you, boost morale, reinforce a relationship, celebrate a deal or mark a milestone. And the value of corporate gifts done well, is that it’s not always about the dollars.

Even relatively modest gifts at Christmas – traditionally a time of excess – can show your appreciation or demonstrated the significance you place on the business relationship.

In the A-Z of corporate gift ideas – from alcohol to desktop Zen gardens – we’d like to suggest stopping early at C… chocolate. There’s no way this gift will languish in a desk drawer with branded USB drives and desk calendars.

Little Cocoa has taken the perennial and much loved gift of chocolate to a new level for corporate, end-of year and holiday gifts. Our 6 and 12-piece chocolate praline gift boxes can be customised with luxe foil stamping of your business logo or a seasonal message. The exquisite chocolate pralines are freshly made for your order and hand crafted on the Gold Coast using high-quality ingredients.

Your staff, colleagues and clients are worth their weight in gold but chocolate goes close.

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I hope you find some useful tips for your corporate gifting.