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5 fabulous food gifts for your clients at Christmas

It’s no secret that coming up with ideas for Christmas gifts can take the sparkle out of the approaching festive season - and especially when you’re shopping for clients who you probably don’t know as well as you do your family and friends.

Food gifts

We’ve done the thinking for you and come up with a hit list of food gifts that will take the stress out of your Santa run and make an impression with even the hardest to please clients.

What do people want? A little recognition – something that reflects the value you place on your business relationship. As a bonus, hopefully those food gifts can convey some of your business values such as quality, authenticity and… dare we suggest….passion.

Food is something we get passionate about and it’s a perfect gift.

  • Personal – without crossing any boundaries.
  • Individual – yet it can also be shared.
  • Memorable – because it connects us with so many special moments in our lives.

Here’s our ideas list of food gifts for your clients and where to buy them. Warning: you’ll likely find something you want to add to your own Christmas wish list.

Spice it up

Herbie’s Spices has been tickling taste buds and tempting foodies for many years. Their products range from Australian native herbs and spices to the most exotic flavours from the East; cooking ingredients for meat lovers to vegans, recipe books, spice kits and more. We noticed their seasonal Box of Ideas (spice kits and recipes combo) and the Cook’s Vacation Spice Kit presented in a wooden tray.


Say Cheese

Melbourne based fromagerie Milk the Cow sets a high bar when it comes to gourmet cheeses. Choose from their Cheese Only hampers, Cheese and Booze hampers or their Specialty Cheese hampers. There’s something for everyone whether your preference is stinky, blue, soft, hard, organic, or …you just love them all. Despite their name, there’s even some sheep and goat cheese options going on at Milk the Cow. An outstanding selection of cheese for the true foodie and perfect for sharing with Christmas guests.


Artisan chocolates

Just slipping this in here because we know how good our products are. You won’t find anything like these luscious chocolates sitting on a store shelf. Our premium product range – boxed chocolate pralines – is hand made fresh for your order from the very finest ingredients. Unique, delicious and contemporary. Six and 12-piece gift boxes available but for chocolate lovers, our 36-piece gift box is a joy to behold. And as an optional extra, we can feature your business branding on the gift box covers.


Fresh from the farm

Gourmet food hampers are a perennial favourite for their variety and wow factor but we particularly like this fresh and down to earth take on food gifting. Seasonal fruit which as Snowgoose says is “inspired by nature, crafted by orchards and styled by artisans’. And, well…cherries at Christmas! Cherries only, mixed fruit only or fruit plus extra treats hampers such as Antipasto Gourmet or Savoury Indulgence. Beautifully presented in timber crates.


Behind the Scenes

Food lovers don’t just enjoy food; they enjoy the whole experience – a spectacular setting to wine and dine in, meeting the makers, the background stories – so what better way to reward a foodie than with a tour and tasting combo. Sirromet, close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, offers their Winery Tour & Tasting but as a (significant) upgrade, consider their Food and Wine Indulgence – premium wine tasting with a five-course tasting menu from their Restaurant Lurleen’s.


Happy seasonal shopping!

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