Chocolate and the Goldilocks zone

Caring for chocolates can seem daunting, especially during an Aussie summer, but don’t be tempted to put them in the fridge.

For chocolates prefer their environment in the same way Goldilocks likes her porridge – not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Little Cocoa’s chocolate pralines are happiest sitting at a comfortable room temperature.

Air-conditioned businesses, restaurants and venues will be perfect for them but unless the temperature has really soared during the peak of summer, they’ll also be fine in a cool, dry and safe spot in your home.

Heat and humidity are the enemy of fine chocolate. You certainly don’t want them melting, sweating or losing their lustre.

Because we create a fabulous, fresh product for your special occasion and can deliver close to the day, you won’t be storing your chocolates for long.

For weddings, take the same care with your chocolate praline bomboniere as you would with your wedding cake.

Talk to the venue and hvac distributors at early so they can plan a safe and cool place to store both the cake and chocolates until set up time.

If you’re having an outdoor event, store everything inside for as long as possible and them aim for shade or a breeze to keep things cool.

And everyone knows not to leave children, pets or chocolate unattended in the car!

Our hand-crafted chocolate pralines look beautiful and delicate but they’re probably a little hardier than you might expect. Avoid any extremes of temperature and they’ll be fine.

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