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Chocolate Wedding Favours Sampler - 2 & 4 piece

Chocolate Wedding Favours Sampler - 2 & 4 piece


Looking for wedding favours and love the idea of chocolate but not sure?

This is our sampler pack which includes an example of our embossing and packaging options (2 piece / 4 piece / packet).

We include pralines and dragees for taste testing!

And delivery is free!


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Weddings and chocolates

Your wedding is likely the biggest event you plan for in your life. It’s full of excitement and promise. We know that it wouldn’t be a wedding without your much loved family and friends being there to celebrate the day with you. And for that, we think they deserve a special thank you.

At Little Cocoa, we add one of the final touches to your big day with wedding favours for your guests.

We handcraft unique chocolates for your wedding.

Our classic chocolate pralines are made with a range of fillings encased in a dark chocolate shell. Our panned chocolate dragées range from nuts to dried fruits that have slowly been coated in layers of fine chocolate.

Petite, stylish and delicious, these handcrafted chocolates are sure to satisfy and impress. The perfect end to your celebration.

Wedding Favours Sampler

Our Wedding Favours Sampler is a showcase of our capability where we bring together –

  • An example of our custom embossing
  • An example of our standard embossing
  • A selection of pralines for tasting
  • A selection of dragee for tasting

When you see our Wedding Sampler package, we know that Little Cocoa’s wedding favours will compliment your wedding day!

The elegance, style and exquisite taste makes for a beautiful memento for your guests.


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Watch our video where we make chocolate pralines for wedding favours. click here.

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 11 × 5 cm

We want you to enjoy these chocolates in optimal condition! Here’s a few tips on how to store them best.

  • If possible, store your chocolates in a cool room away from heat and sunlight. An air-conditioned room is best!
  • If it’s above 30ºC – keep them in the fridge in an airtight container.
  • When you take chocolates out of the fridge, put them out on the kitchen bench and let them slowly warm up before opening. This helps to avoid the condensation on the chocolate shells.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or feel free to email

Shipping charges

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Packaging for shipment

Our chocolate products are carefully packed in well insulated boxes or satchels, with a gel pack depending on the time of the year. It may seem like a lot, but it’s imperative to us that you receive your chocolates in premium condition.

Tracking my order

When your order is collected for shipment we send you an email and further emails are sent when the goods are out for delivery and then when delivered.

The emails contain a tracking link that can be used at any time to check on delivery status.

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Pickup options

If you’re local then your welcome to  pick up from our commercial kitchen at Unit 7 / 10 Bailey Crescent, Southport on the Gold Coast during business hours. It you want an out of hours pickup, please give us a call (Mobile 0451 977 172) so we can make mutually suitable arrangements.


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Please note that our products are made in a kitchen that handles tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat products, dairy and soy so its possible that this product may contain these allergens in trace amouts. Our products will be labelled accordingly.

If you have a special dietary requirements or are unsure about any of our claims, please contact us. We would love to meet any special needs.


Our standard flavours are listed below.  (Colours are indicative only).

Blackcurrant GeleeThis bold gelée is a carefully balanced mix of blackcurrant purée and a dark chocolate ganache. The intensity of the berry dominates in this burst of fresh flavor matched delicately with a dark chocolate shell
Praline with edible gold foil on white backgroundSalted CaramelA really smooth, creamy caramel filling with a slightly salty after-taste. This indulgent praline rekindles our love for sweet pleasures.
Raspberry & WhiteClassic white chocolate ganache and a pocket of raspberry jam; one of our sweeter pralines.
Milk HazelnutA multiplicity of flavours, this hazelnut ganache is combined with milk chocolate to create caramel and nutty tones.
Dark GanacheRich in character. Single origin Vietnamese dark cocoa ganache. A touch of bitterness and a touch of tanginess.

We have other options which you may want to explore under the “Dietary” option on the main menu.

Stock ribbons are available in different widths and colours as listed in the following table.


6 mmRed. Green
12 mmRed

Non stock requirements are subject to availability and a surcharge may apply, subject to quantity requirements.


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