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box of 2 chocolate pralines, blue

Take a tradition and make it your own

Weddings are steeped in tradition such as white bridal gowns, walking down the aisle with your father and tossing that bouquet at the end of the day.

Another tradition is the bomboniere or wedding favour – a small gift given by the happy couple to their guests as a thank you for sharing such a special occasion.

Thought to have originated in Europe, bomboniere is the Italian name for these treats while bonbonniere is the French.

The bomboniere was typically five, sugar-coated almonds prettily tied up in a delicate tulle bag. The five almonds were meant to symbolize the gifts of happiness, health, longevity, wealth and fertility.

But as more and more couples choose to make their special day unique and tweak some long-held traditions, bomboniere have included everything from tiny pots of sweet honey to soy candles and succulents.

As well as a gift or keepsake for the guests, decorative bomboniere are often an integral component of the wedding table styling.

They might tie in with the colours or theme for the wedding and are often personalised with the names of the couple, the date, or a special message.

Little Cocoa’s bomboniere is a two-piece box of handcrafted chocolate pralines.

These fine, soft-centred chocolates are made to order from a choice of flavours and made fresh for your special occasion.

The white gloss packaging will suit most wedding tables and we can offer gold foiling to personalise your bomboniere.

If you love the tradition of bomboniere and want to give your guests something unique, beautiful and delicious, talk to us today.

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