Spring weddings are a thing: here’s 3 reasons why

What do cute baby animals, flower festivals and weddings have in common? Spring! They’re all happening in spring - the traditional season of birth, renewal and promise. The weather warms up, the days are longer and suddenly new life and energy is bursting forth. Lambs frolic, buds sprout into blooms and more couples tie the knot than at any other time of year.

Assuming you’re not into farming and only your Mum goes to flower festivals, you might be contemplating why spring weddings are so popular. We did some research and came up with these ideas.

Symbolism in spring weddings

If you can’t be romantic about planning a wedding date, when can you? Couples committing to each other forever and in a spectacularly public way are not averse to creating layers of meaning around their special day.

As humans, we’re hardwired to respond to signs and symbols from our environment. They might be subtle but they shape our mood, attitudes and behaviour. Spring, with all those chirping baby birds, more colour and more sunshine, provides the perfect context for two people embarking on a new stage of their life. It signals change and growth and new beginnings. What better metaphor for two people choosing to move forward into the future together?

Spring wedding venues

Whether you’re a dreamer or a planner, choosing your wedding venue is one of the big decisions and a spring wedding certainly opens up your options. The warmer weather and typically clear skies increase the appeal of outdoor spaces on your special day.

A ceremony on the beach, by the lake or in the gardens? A destination wedding with a spectacular view? Many wedding venues will have both indoor and outdoor options giving you plenty of choice and flexibility. But spring gives you more confidence to opt for the ceremony in an open chapel, drinks and canapés on the outdoor terrace or a reception dinner under the stars.

But don’t forget to book early. The popularity of spring weddings means some venues will book out quickly, and especially if you want to get married on a Saturday.

Timing the spring wedding

Did you know that peak time for engagements is the December-January holiday season? Christmas and New Year celebrations, the festive vibe or maybe just some time off work to chill and think about life, somehow translates into more couples getting engaged at this time of year.

So perhaps it’s not surprising or a coincidence that spring weddings are popular too. Even for the least organized couples, there is plenty of time between summer and spring to plan a gorgeous wedding. An empty Google calendar and New Year resolutions to be more organised practically propel people forward to a spring wedding date.

Valentine’s Day in February is the other seasonal event that also tugs on the heart strings and sees many couples announcing their engagement. Again, it’s early in the year – a good six months till spring – and suggests that spring wedding dates might be in fact be determined by holiday or romantic love.

If you’re having a spring wedding and ticking off those last items on your list, it’s not too late to order your wedding favours or bomboniere.

Little Cocoa offers a fabulous 2-piece box of chocolate pralines, which will add a memorable touch to your wedding table. These chocolates can be styled to suit your wedding theme whether it’s contemporary or classic, indie or glitz.

We offer a choice of fillings for the chocolate pralines, or can provide our most popular flavours if you’re completely over making wedding decisions.

Want to really make a statement? We can emboss your names, a message or your wedding date on the packaging as a final unique element. And don’t forget, our chocolates are handmade for your special occasion with only the finest ingredients.

Little Cocoa – a whole lot of love.

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