Hey, I'm Alicia

I’m the owner and chocolatier of Little Cocoa. We make businesses, brides and bestfriends happy with our bespoke, handcrafted chocolates.

It’s chocolate like you’ve never seen before.

Using high quality couveture, we handcraft and refine it into fine chocolate pralines with a multitude of soft luscious fillings, multi-layered chocolate dragées and much more. It’s unique, colourful and most of all delicious.

It’s a little cocoa, but a whole lot of love.


Who am I? 

  • I am a fully qualified chef & pastry chef
  • I’ve worked in restaurants, high-end venues, bakeries and chocolate companies
  • I have a dream to make my own chocolate – from bean to bar
  • I want to provide you with delicious and beautiful chocolates to enjoy and remember 
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