Under the tree, in the kitchen and on the table, chocolate at Christmas is a match made in heaven.

Chocolate makes a popular gift for young and old, it supercharges almost any sweet treat or dessert, and it adds a festive feel to the Christmas table.

Christmas gifts

We might be biased but gifting high-quality chocolate such as Little Cocoa chocolate pralines works on so many levels.

Almost everyone loves chocolate so it’s a winner for all ages. While it can be a very personal gift, chocolate is also a first-class gift option for the ‘tricky to buy for’.

Edible gifts like chocolate are a wonderful way to honour the occasion and share something special with friends and family who don’t want to be collecting ‘stuff’.

And a box of fine chocolates is surely one of those gifts that keeps on giving as its contents are shared around the room.

Food fantasy

There are plenty of sweet, seasonal treats we associate with an Aussie Christmas such as plum pudding, fruit mince pies, candy canes or a gingerbread house.

And what’s Christmas without someone in charge of rolling the rum balls?

For the home cooks, we suggest dropping shards of chocolate on top of the pav or dipping the shortbread in melted dark chocolate for an indulgent touch to your festive fare.

Style it up

Add a bit of chocolate gloss and gorgeousness to the dinner table or the coffee table at Christmas.

Little Cocoa’s hand crafted chocolate pralines come with flashes of red, green and gold at Christmas but any fine chocolate looks impressive perched on your best tableware.

Our six-piece and 12-piece boxes of chocolate pralines are available for order now.


Little Cocoa’s chocolate praline shells are made from a classic 58% dark chocolate. Our current range of fillings includes salted caramel, blackcurrant, raspberry & white chocolate, dark 70% ganache and milk hazelnut. Our two special Christmas flavours in 2018 are rum & raisin and cinnamon ganache & gingernut.

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