Chocolate bunnies and painted eggs? Christian calendar meets ancient pagan rites? European traditions tipped on their head down under?

As if Easter wasn’t confusing enough for the modern Aussie, now we have a global health emergency cancelling our holidays, shutting down events and generally being a social and economic buzz kill.

So how can you claw back the festivities and the spirit of the Easter break without letting down the team? We’ve got some ideas.


Let the music play

That great Easter tradition of Byron Bay Bluesfest might have been cancelled – along with a zillion other music festivals and tours – but social distancing doesn’t have to be endured in silence. Curate your own line-up from Aussies and Internationals, legends and up-and-comers, and across your favourite genres. Make your own playlists for the Easter weekend and just imagine you’re in the Mojo or Crossroads tents. Challenge your friends to do the same then swap to hopefully hear something new. 

Break out the camping gear

If you normally join throngs of Aussies at a busy public campground, then it’s probably off limits this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the annual Easter camping trip. Remote sites and private campgrounds might still be an option – somewhere where you and your partner or family can be alone to enjoy the great outdoors. But don’t forget the kids will be just as happy putting up a tent in the backyard or crawling into a sleeping bag in the living room. Toast some marshmallows over the firepit and read scary stories by torchlight for added effect.

Make your memories online

If Easter has traditionally been a time for your extended family or old friends to get together then make a point of staying in touch. Schedule to connect your household with theirs via Facetime, Skype or Zoom for some real-time conversation and fun. Passing your device around the table at mealtime can get noisy and messy but at least everyone is in the room together. As another suggestion, set up a Facebook Easter Event or Group so everyone can share their photos, video and comments over the weekend.

Stay active to let off steam

Team and contact sports have been cancelled so there’ll be no beach cricket or touch footy in the park. Even Park Run has been deemed too social, too risky. However there are still the simple pleasures of taking the kids or the furball for a walk, cycling along the foreshore or celebrating Easter’s spirit of renewal with a swim. And your household can go crazy with indoor action from Wii Fit and Just Dance to mat pilates and beer pong. Set up a table tennis tournament or design a mini-Olympics of physical challenges for holiday fun.

Feed the festivities 

Holidays are often a time for feasting and Easter is no different. For people of Christian faith, Easter is the official end of Lent and a time to relax after weeks of abstaining from a favourite food or luxury. For the rest of us, Easter holidays might usually mean some shared meals out with friends and family. But with social distancing rules, and cafes and restaurants largely closed this year, indulging in some extra treats at home such as hot cross buns and chocolate Easter eggs might be the go.

In the spirit of fun and adventure, Little Cocoa has created a spectacular, limited edition golden Easter egg. The outer shell is a 54% dark chocolate brushed with an edible, shiny gold powder. Inside, the egg features a delicious and sticky combo of coconut ganache, vanilla marshmallow, and a cinnamon rice crispy and apricot jelly yolk. And it’s all served in a nest of crunchy chocolate noodles and with a clutch of mini-chocolate caramel eggs. As long as you’re up for the experience of a little mess and finger-licking sweet goodness, you’ll love this Easter egg.

You’ll need to order ahead so this can be handcrafted for you and safely packaged for pick up or delivery. Check the website to order and for other Easter treats.

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