Sunday, September 1 is Father’s Day 2019 in Australia.

Men are traditionally hard to buy for so an occasion like Father’s Day can strike fear into even the best shoppers.

And if you’re the organiser in the family, it’s possible you could be buying for several Dads – the kids’ Dad, your own Dad, your partner’s Dad or a step- Dad.

Whether you’re shopping on behalf of the bub for a new Dad on his first Father’s Day or a much-loved Grandad, you’ll want something just a little bit special that won’t break the bank.

To be honest, from a certain age your Dad probably just wants to spend time with you. There’s a quote somewhere about time being the greatest gift you can give.

Life’s busy. There’s work. You’ve been travelling. The kids have sport. The traffic is crazy. Whatever. Find the time. It’s what he most wants.

(Of course it’s possible, depending on his stage in life, that he might actually want a day all to himself but let’s not go there.)

So you’re heading over to see your Dad and you want to take SOMETHING.

Five gift ideas to go with the Father’s Day card.

  • Socks and jocks are practical and … they’re not as boring as they used to be. Skip the iconic global brands and try the locals like Aussie Bums, Sly Collective or Funky Trunks for a fresh look.
  • A bottle of booze? You’ll probably know his favourite but with all the new microbreweries, boutique distilleries and wineries around, there’s never been a better opportunity to mix it up. Skip Dan’s and buy local.
  • Tickets to a show, a game or a concert can make a man smile. And it doesn’t have to be a major event to make it memorable – think Monster Trucks, a boat show, a fundraiser by the local league, a music festival or a tribute band.
  • Chance it for a charity. It’s all too easy to slip a scratchie into the Father’s Day card but if you choose an Art Union or Lottery carefully, you can also support a worthy not-for-profit organisation and then you’re giving twice.
  • Food, glorious food. Bake him a cake. Make up a gourmet hamper from your favourite deli. Buy him a chilli bush for his garden or deck so he can grow his own. Or here’s an idea…. Little Cocoa’s Father’s Day gift box of adults-only artisan chocolates!

Chocolates that any man will love

Little Cocoa has developed a special range of alcohol-infused chocolate pralines just perfect for Father’s Day. We think we’ve come up with some amazing flavours that, mixed with our premium quality dark chocolate and served in a statement black box, are guaranteed to impress you and your Dad.

How do these fillings sound?

  • Whiskey infused salted caramel
  • Orange liqueur dark 64% chocolate ganache
  • Coffee liqueur gel, espresso ganache and a biscuit crunch

Available in six and 12-piece boxes and made fresh to order. Call us now. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.

Little Cocoa. A whole lot of love.

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