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Vegan Chocolates Taster box - 6 delicious samples

Vegan Chocolates Taster box - 6 delicious samples


A taster box of vegan chocolates.  Six packets of handcrafted chocolate bars and panned indulgences.

A vegan box of chocolates like no other.

These are definitely worth trying even if you you don’t have dietary restrictions.


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Vegan Chocolates Taster box

A gift box of six (6) delicious samples from our vegan chocolate range. Includes both bars and dragees to represent some of the vegan options that are available.

The taster box demonstrates that vegan chocolates can deliver the chocolate experience.

Indulge, gift or share

A premium signature gift to say thank-you, congratulations, Happy Birthday or just be an indulgence for yourself.

Elegantly presented in a white rigid box with a lid embossed in gold foil.

Vegan Range

The plant-based lifestyle should not be a restriction for those with a sweet tooth! We’ve been carefully crafting some vegan chocolates that not only taste delicious, but aren’t filled with sugar and other fillers.  These vegan chocolates are made fresh for your enjoyment with real, honest ingredients.

Vegan Chocolate

Milk and white chocolates include dairy so we only use dark chocolate which is dairy-free in our vegan range. That might at first glace seem limiting but the range of dark chocolate is enormous with variation in flavours due to place of origin, bean variety and cocoa solid content.

Chocolate Bars

Our vegan chocolate bars are not just a block of chocolate but are filled with complimentary ingredients on a vegan theme.

The results are impressive as we search out new flavours to meet the vegan requirements. Who would have though that Tahini & Black Sesame would be such a great combo with chocolate. Who would have believed that you could make a salt caramel without dairy ingredients?

These are definitely worth trying even if you you don’t have dietary restrictions.

Chocolate dragees

Chocolate dragees (pronounced drazh-AY) consist of a centre that is layered with chocolate – sometimes several layers in contrasting colours. The centre can be a nut, dried fruit or even a gel. The interaction on the palette of the centre and the chocolate layers can be very surprising as our blind testing has shown and this form of chocolate offers exciting new possibilities.

Dragees are created by tumbling  the centres in a panning machine and drizzling melted chocolate drizzled in slowly to the rotating mix. The chocolate adheres to the centres as they roll in the machine creating layers of chocolate around the centers. The rumbling action makes them largely round and glossy.

Quality Assurance

Our chocolates are lovingly handcrafted in our commercial kitchen in Southport on the Gold Coast. We only use the highest quality ingredients sourced from top suppliers locally. We pride ourselves on the contemporary, fresh and bespoke nature of our chocolates wanting you to enjoy an authentic chocolate experience like no other.


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Read the blog Chocolates and the Goldilocks zone to learn how to store and care for your chocolates.

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This product contains nuts – almonds and hazelnuts.

This product is free from wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Please note that our products are made in a kitchen that handles tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat products, dairy and soy so its possible that this product may contain these allergens in trace amouts. Our products will be labelled accordingly.

If you have a special dietary requirements or are unsure about any of our claims, please contact us. We would love to meet any special needs.

We want you to enjoy these chocolates in optimal condition! Here’s a few tips on how to store them best.

  • If possible, store your chocolates in a cool room away from heat and sunlight. An air-conditioned room is best!
  • If it’s above 30ºC – keep them in the fridge in an airtight container.
  • When you take chocolates out of the fridge, put them out on the kitchen bench and let them slowly warm up before opening. This helps to avoid the condensation on the chocolate shells.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or feel free to email

This vegan box of chocolates includes –

vegan chocolate bar with a tahini and black sesame fillingTahini & black sesameThis bold gelée is a carefully balanced mix of blackcurrant purée and a dark chocolate ganache. The intensity of the berry dominates in this burst of fresh flavor matched delicately with a dark chocolate shell
Vegan chocolate bar with salted caramel flling salSalted CaramelA vegan chocolate bar filled with a delicious coconut salted caramel.
vegan chocolate bar with a raspberry and coconut fillingRaspberry & CoconutA vegan chocolate bar filled with a delicious raspberry and coconut filling. A tangy raspberry gelee is piped into the chocolate along with a chewy coconut mixture.
vegan chocolate bar with creamy hazelnut praline filling HazelnutA vegan chocolate bar filled with a creamy hazelnut praline filling.
Coffee BeansRoasted coffee beans coated in dark chocolate.
Roasted AlmondsRoasted almonds coated in dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), hazelnut praline, almonds, coffee beans, cocoa powder, orange oil, tahini paste, sesame seeds, coconut cream, coconut, glucose (corn-based), fruit (raspberry), trimoline, pectin, citric acid.


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